Online academic work


DUMAS (Dépôt Universitaire de Mémoires Après Soutenance= university deposit of dissertations after defence) is a platform that provides access to works in French by students of BAC +4 and +5 level in all disciplines, as well as  BAC +3 works in the paramedical sector. The Université Catholique de Lille also deposits works of the Faculté of Maieutic and of FMMS Campus Humanicité on DUMAS.


HAL (Hyper Article en Ligne=Hyper Article online) offers the deposit and access to theses and scientific articles from education and research institutions (French and foreign), and of laboratories (public or private) in all disciplines. The FUPL ensures access to scientific articles from the research laboratory LEM (Lille Economics Management).


TEL (Thèses en ligne=Theses online) is an archive specialised in the access and self-archiving of doctoral theses and HDR (habilitation to supervise research). TEL offers theses of French or foreign institutions in all disciplines.