Request a PEB (Inter-library Loan)

The free PEB service can provide you with books and articles from periodicals that are difficult to access, from another library, French or foreign. Requests are limited to 5 documents at a time for teachers, researchers, postgraduates and administrative staff, and 3 documents for students (external readers do not have access to the PEB service).

Because the service is free, we ask you to use it reasonably.


How to obtain an Inter-Library Loan?

1-  Complete the form below and specify that the document is located in another library (PEB).

2- You will be notified by email of the arrival of the document on your institutional email (availability may vary depending on its location). Withdrawal of the document is done at the reception desk of your library. 

You will be informed by email of reception of the document ordered or in the event of a negative reply: be sure to check your institutional mailbox.


Loan or on-site consultation
It is the lending library who decides if the document can be borrowed or if it has to be consulted on-site. In no case may the service override the concerned library's demand. The extension of a loan is possible upon request at the service a few days before loan expiry, but has to be accepted by the library of origin beforehand.  


PEB for library professionals

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